Tarot 1000mW 5.8G Illustrated aluminum heat emission group

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Product description:
32 point.1000mw 5.8G image transmission system developed by TAROT with super mini size and super light weight, using 6061T6 Aluminum Alloy heat, especially suitable for the small multi axis rotor aircraft and crossing machine. 32 frequency compatible with conventional frequency, providing 1 video, 2 audio signal long-distance transmission, also provides 5V1A power output (can be used for image superposition, camera power supply. Please confirm the related equipment to avoid burning voltage and current) at the transmitter weighs only 30.9g (not including antenna)
The transmitter with parameter: Specifications:
1, net weight 30.9G (not including antenna) Weight: 30.9G (without antenna)
2, the volume of 50.3 x 30 x 50.3 x 30 x 15MM 15MM Dimension:
3, the /Working Frequency: 5645-5945MHz emission frequency: 5645-5945MHZ
4, the number of channels: 4 channel, 32 channel Channel: 4 bands / 32 channel
5, channel selection: 5 Mini dial switch 5-DIP switch
6, power: 30.5dbm (1000MW) Output Power: 30.5dbm (1000MW)
7, input voltage: 7-26V DC (2-6S) Input Voltage: DC 7-26V (2-6S)
8, output voltage: 5V 1A /Output Voltage: 5V 1A
9, the antenna interface: RP-SMA< external thread needle + > 50 ohm /Antenna Adaptor: RP-SMA 50.
10, the working environment temperature: -10 to 60 degrees celsius. Working Temperature: -10 ~ 60 degrees.
11, type: FM Frequency: FM modulation
1, please install the antenna, and then turn on the power supply. In order to avoid equipment failure
2, choose the right frequency, and will receive settings to the same frequency. See the table of frequency
3, the transmitter power is larger, the work do not touch the shell to avoid scalding. Shell burns is a normal phenomenon, please rest assured that the use of.
4, the input voltage is 7-26V (2-6S), do not exceed the scope of the use of voltage.
5, the output current and voltage is 5V 1A, please note that the camera is in the range of voltage and current.
Product specifications:
Tarot 5.8G FPV audio video transmitter * 1
7P color platooninsert line x 1
5.8G * 1 transmit antennas
Manual * 1

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