Tarot 450DFC large bearing Moderator rotor holder body/Silver

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Product Description:
6061-T6 CNC the unibody processing, and applies to all associated width 27MM 450 modified
The metal bearing Moderator rotor holder × 1
Cup head hexagonal screws x 1 (M3 × 15MM)
M3 slip nut × 1
Product Description: 6061-T6 CNC one forming
The new design of large-size bearings folder will seat the thrust bearing in the home, extended side swing arm bearing, reducing the virtual potential swing. Large size bearings can withstand stronger pull
Adapt to the current mainstream models of large power requirements. The split design to bring lower cost.
  The main rotor holder top to increase the user-friendly design, main blade grips seat level adjustment with scale line, easy pitch adjustment for
0 degrees. New Anti-shot horizontal axis overall tensile design 480 specifications. Screw 12.9 M2.5 diameter, locking the horizontal axis,
This design can effectively reduce the shot paddle probability. The large bearing Moderator blade grips seat group the overall tensile designed 480 specifications.
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