hobby XRotor 8 Series Plant Protection Power Pack cw TL8120-a

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Data monitoring, multiple protection
     Electrical output black box data, real-time monitoring system operation, record the trajectory, early detection of problems and timely protection, effective help fly control palm
Control power flight; power-on self-test protection (check the internal fault), start voltage abnormal protection, current protection, stall protection and other protection
Can be perfect to protect the power system, in a timely manner to reduce the loss caused by unexpected circumstances.
     Note: The data output includes input throttle, output throttle, speed, bus voltage, bus current, phase current, capacitor temperature, MOS tube temperature

Triple interlocking loose
     Motor rotor triple death cycle interlocking patent protection design, that is, clasp, snap ring loose sets, screw triple interlock, anti-fatigue, impact resistance, maintenance-free, to ensure high-speed motor running high-speed operation is also quite reliable.



product manual:
     XRotor 8 series plant protection machine power set maximum tension of 13.6kg / axis (48V, sea level), recommended takeoff weight 5-7kg / axis (48V, sea level), the use of 12S battery, the power package using the ambient temperature gap -20 ℃ -65 ℃, powertrain weight 910g.
Product parameters:
Motor Model: XRotor 8120 100KV
KV value: 100
Outer diameter: 90.2mm
Weight: 645g
With the blade: HW2911
Outlet: enameled straight out
ESC Model: XRoto PRO HV 80A FOC V3
Recommended voltage: 12S LiPo
Maximum allowable voltage: 60.9V
BEC: None
Maximum permissible current (continuous): 80 A (requires excellent heat dissipation)
Maximum allowable peak current (10 seconds): 100A (requires excellent heat dissipation)
Input line: 12AWG
Output line: 14AWG
Weight: 85g (without line)
PWM input signal level: 3.3V / 5V (compatible)
Compatible signal frequency: 50-500Hz
Working pulse width: 1100us-1940us (curing, does not support calibration)
Diameter × pitch: 29x11 inch
Weight: 180g
Product Specifications:
Motor x 1
ESC × 1
Propeller × 1 


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