Tarot 4006/620KV multi axis brushless motor TL68P02

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Product description:

4006/620KV high efficiency and multi axis brushless motor designed for fouraxis and six axis multi rotor aircraft design, the processing of high precisionCNC production, shape flat table smooth seamless, very well balanced.High performance turbofan design new cover, to provide cooling airflowpowerful, rotor with high magnetic materials of neodymium iron boron and refined, the stator adopts high strength epoxy resin pressure protection and reinforcement of high temperature resistance, high flux 22P external rotor motor through a special balance correction, improved the ordinary rotationmotor balance vibration problems of poor, the motor shaft high alloy steel.The motor cover adopt large high-speed precision bearing, has the advantages of low friction torque, small power loss, impact resistance, high speed when the instantaneous radial support strong. A new generation of 4006/KV620 brushless motor has been through a rigorous dynamic, static,magnetic properties, high temperature resistant, strong magnetic tomagnetic loss, vibration, noise, load technology demonstration of performance engineering. The continuation of a successor to the TAROTbrushless motor: superior characteristics of long life, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, stable control.

Product parameters:

The motor outer diameter: 46MM

The stator diameter: 40.6M

The stator end thickness: 6MM

The stator terminal number: 24 slot

Motor pole number: 22P

The wire diameter: 0.23MM

Gear shaft installation - diameter: 4MM

Motor height: 22.0MM

The motor shaft length: 30.50MM

Per volt speed: 620 RPM / Volt

Motor weight: 82G

Motor resistance: 126 M

No load current 14.8V: 0.8A

14.8 load current: 14A

4006 brushless motor mounting specifications: 27.7MM equilateral triangle

Specification: install the propeller main hole diameter of 4mm, 12mm from the side hole diameter 3mm Center

Product specifications:

4006/620KV brushless motor 82G x 1

Cup head screw M3 * 6MM * 3

Half round head screw M3 * 8MM * 2

Metal rotor mounted 2.5G * 1

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