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Hooray HobbyWing ESC Pentium-40A Brushless ESC

1 Specifications
1.1 Output: Continuous current 40A, short-time current 55A ( not less than 10 seconds ) ;
1.2 Power input : 5.6V - 26.0V ( 2-6 cells lithium battery or 5-18 NiMH / NiCd battery pack ) ;
1.3 BEC Output
● Pentium-40A: ( linear regulator mode ): 3A
● Pentium-40A: 28mm * 55mm * 12mm
● Pentium-40A: 33g

2 Product Features

2.1 Safety features : power-on, regardless of the throttle stick position, the motor will not start immediately , to avoid personal injury ;
2.2 Throttle Calibration function: remote control to adapt to differences between different throttle range and improve throttle response linearity , with smooth , delicate texture and excellent speed governor linear ;
2.3 Programmable Items :
● Brake Settings: brake enabled / brake , the factory default is no brakes.
● Battery Type : Li-xx ( lithium battery ) / Ni-xx ( nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride ) , default is Li-xx ( lithium battery ) .
● Low Voltage Protection Mode: reduces power on / off output , the default is to reduce power .
● Low Voltage Protection Threshold : low / medium / high , default is medium cutoff voltage .
◆ When set using Li-xx battery , lithium automatically determine the number of pieces , low / medium / high cutoff voltage of each battery are : 2.5V, 2.75V, 3.0V.
◆ When set using a Ni-xx battery , automatically detects the voltage of the battery pack when the ESC on electricity, low / medium / high cutoff voltage input voltage of 0% to boot ( ie not protected ) , 50% 60%
● Start mode : Normal / Soft / Super-soft and starts, the default value is common to start.
◆ ordinary boot suitable for fixed-wing , you can quickly start the motor in 0.2 seconds
When super-soft and soft start and initial start relatively low speed , full speed from start to need 1 second and 2 seconds respectively , but after starting if the throttle is closed , within three seconds to start again ; ◆ Soft start / super soft and suitable for helicopters to start you are in normal mode starts , so do some stunts too slow to react because of the crashes caused by flying .
● Timing: low / medium / high , default is medium into the corner .
Under normal circumstances, low into the corner to accommodate more motor , but for efficiency , the proposed 2-pole motor with low into the corner , 6-pole motors in use over into the corner . To improve the speed, the angle can be set into high into the corner . After more improved angle setting , you should be tested on the ground before the flight .
● Restore Factory Defaults
2.4 Comprehensive protection features :
● undervoltage protection : the program is set by the user ;
● Overvoltage Protection : Input voltage over 26 volts will not start, automatic protection while issuing rapid "beep beep" alarm sound ;
● Overheat Protection : Built-in temperature detection circuit , when the temperature is too high power MOS pipe tune automatic shutdown ;
● remote signal loss protection: remote control signal to reduce power after losing one second , then there is no remote control signal is two seconds off the output ;

3 process characteristics

3.1 using military ultra-low power input impedance electrolytic bulk capacitor , which greatly improve anti-jamming capability ;
3.2 The control circuit and power tube (MOSFET) were used to separate the PCBs , the insulating layer of air between the two with 2 mm , effectively reduce the impact of high temperature on the control circuit MOSFET , power transfer stability has been further improved.
3.3 Output power MOSFET with a separate heat sink, reduce device temperature, high current ability to work to improve the system ;
3.4 single-chip computer control ;
3.5 microcontroller chips using an independent regulator to avoid BEC load changes caused by power disturbances and improve the stability of the microcontroller ;
3.6 provides gold-plated connectors and heat shrink tubing motor DPM , easy to install ( Note: This is optional equipment ) ;

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