Tarot T18 aerial / Plant Protection UAV TL18T00

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Product Features :
    Widely used in UAV aerial photography , remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance , disaster monitoring, cable transmission line , and other agricultural plant protection for mobile high performance requirements, equipment containing material and requires a longer endurance of blank applications .
    Specifically designed to meet 5DII, RED EPIC, C300, FS100, FS700 and large video equipment developed by professional aerial vehicle.
   T18 aerial / Plant Protection UAV overall net imports of Toray carbon fiber 3K woven by high temperature and pressure prefabricated full CNC precision machining, pure carbon 2.5MM thick matte twill carbon fiber quality beyond conventional commercially available products, with flatness, weight light , creep resistance , high compressive strength and shock resistance and other characteristics , the overall performance beyond the state required standard level performance metrics . Full body matte finish to prevent sunlight reflecting the impact of camera effects . Fast folding lines can be directly mounted safe , avoid the use of connectors to connect the circuit causing an accident .
   T18 aerial / Plant Protection UAV removable battery holder uses quick-release design, allowing the battery when you receive a shock from the body , reducing the potential impact on the body damage. Bit -shaped design prevents the battery tie off . Multiaxial metal locking clip seat folded portion innovation adoption ¢ 40 Falcon riveted metal dovetail design , with a strong clamping force , its strength is higher than the transverse locking fixed carbon tube locking strength. Excellent damping slip feel unusual feeling when you bring quick fold .
    Folding rack full thread structure using carbon nanotubes which have a unique design self-locking screw technology, with excellent resistance to lateral vibration . Lightweight two-tone multi rotor motor mount CNC machining , the overall design has a strong perspective effect, providing a striking visual direction for the body in the air. Carbon nanotube metal bracket connecting point damping design dovetail groove metal hook thread with full carbon tube phase, with excellent adhesion.
Standard mount rod diameter Φ12MM, applicable to all mount rod center distance 155MM PTZ used.
Standard GPS antenna quick folding seat , folding carry more convenient.
Eight- standard high-current slip the lock gilded hub.
Standard multi-axis folding tripod more convenient to carry .
Special Note : T18 and T15 aerial crop protection UAV TL18T00 difference / folding rack TL15T00 of eight axes ; mount widened the distance to the 155MM 165MM, under the center plate widened. Secondly wheelbase extended to 1270 apply to 17-18 inch paddle , supporting increased to 5008/340KV multi-rotor motor brushless motor (TL96020).
Parameter configuration requirements :
Tube diameter : 25MM
Wheelbase : 1270MM
Rack Diameter : 1320MM
Total height : 420CM
Center Cover Size : 301 × 209 × 2.5MM
Motor mounting pitch : 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM equilateral triangle installation
Rotor size :17 -18 inch propeller
Brushless Motor : TAROT 5008/340KV multi-rotor brushless motor TL96020
Battery Specifications : 6S 22.2V 15000-20000MHA
:35-40A Brushless ESC
Standard mount rod diameter Φ12MM, applicable to all mount rod center distance 165MM PTZ Use
Effective allocation of the whole weight : 11KG
Eight fold axis rack Weight : 2.0KG
T15/T18 quick release battery holder TL15T01 × 2
T15/T18 seat post quick release aluminum group TL15T02 × 2
T15/T18 metal reinforcing plate TL15T03 × 1
T18 aerial / Plant Protection UAV center cover × 1 TL18T03
T18 folding frame full carbon tubes TL18T01 × 4
T18 folding frame full carbon tubes TL18T02 × 4
T15/T18 eight fold axis bracket TL15T06 × 2
GPS folding bracket TL15T08 × 1
T810/T960 six-axis folding tripod TL96013 × 1
Multi-axis limit gasket / four loaded TL96021 × 4
T810/T960 head mount kit TL96014 × 1
Eight- hub group TL100B14 × 1
Multiaxial metal locking clip holder TL9605 × 8
New Φ25MM motor mount / Orange TL9602 × 2
New Φ25MM Motor Mount / Black TL9603 × 6
Titanium diamond file × 1
Water sticker group × 8
Colored sticker set point × 2
Magic sticky × 2
Manual × 1
Spare screw pack × 1
Packaged × 1

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