MAX6 umbrella folding six-axis aircraft / 16mm LY685

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Product Description:
studio's latest 6-axis frame 685 fold umbrella, using 16mm carbon fiber tubes, high strength folding injection molded parts, Taobao only product.
After umbrella fold more than the market transverse fold smaller frame size, more convenient to carry.
Particularly suitable for applications monitoring, remote sensing, mapping, airborne reconnaissance, fire observation, life exploration, cable transmission line, farm monitoring,
And other high performance requirements of mobile,
Less and take longer to load device applications empty flight time.
1. The latest design from folding carbon plate, carbon plate and greatly reduce the extent of the damage, thus avoiding carbon plate thickness tolerances
  Improve the folding member tight with precision, to achieve zero false position effect.
2. The lower plate with the PCB structure is more convenient and practical.
3. Anti-folding member 3 degrees, flying more stable.
The motor mounting position seat adjustment easier charged beautiful.
5. The frame should be user needs lid structure, convenient tie hole cover 60 cents on the battery, for lower hanging pendant can be sold separately under.
6. The upper and lower body panels for the five-hole camera users can easily elected suspension, aside GPS positioning holes 2.
7. The body can be converted to use small electric tripod overflights.
8. rack configuration including the expansion of the fuselage and fixed tripod. (Without battery under the pendant)

9 machine weight: 793 grams (including fixed tripod and platform hard seat)

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