tarot external UBEC / 3A switching power supply TL2681

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UBEC-3A (support 2-6 lithium)

5V / 6V output can be switched!
Reverse polarity protection!
LED operation indicator!
Full magnetic shielding + output lines effectively eliminate electromagnetic interference!

1 Product Specifications
1.1 output capacity: 5V @ 3A or 6V @ 3A (can be selected via jumper);
1.2 Power Input: 5.5-26V (2-6 lithium battery pack or 5-18 NiMH / NiCd battery pack)
1.3 Size: 43mm * 17mm * 7mm (L * W * H)
1.4 Weight: 11g
1.5 Ripple: less than 50mVp-p (@ 2A / 12V)

2 Features

2.1 switching power supply design, the main chip has over-current and over-temperature protection, chip efficiency up to 92%;
2.2 small volume, light weight;
2.3 shield electronic devices are protected, the output line is equipped with a magnetic ring, which greatly reduces electromagnetic interference, to ensure acceptance of machine work;
2.4 has the power to prevent reverse polarity protection, if you accidentally reverse the power UBEC will not cause damage;
2.5 has a working status indicator LED light-emitting diode, lights up when the output is normal;
2.6 Comparison of the advantages and traditional BEC: BEC mode switching power supply and linear regulator of BEC compared advantage is mainly reflected in: When using three (11.1V) than lithium, BEC can greatly reduce heat and improve overall efficiency.

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