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Tarot 450DFC main rotor Group / satin(no ccpm) TL45162-A

  • Model: TL45162-A
  • Shipping Weight: 200g
  • 982 Units in Stock


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450DFC main rotor holder to extend the arm [TL48012] wearing type design, this design greatly
Reduce the use of cost. Large paddle clip slip-Nut Nut limit hole, without using a wrench when tightening
Easy to use. The main rotor holder the top to increase the user-friendly design, scale line adjustment the main rotor clamper water
Flat, to facilitate the pitch is adjusted to 0 degree.
The new DFC main rotor holder hollow design, weighs only 5.6 grams. With hollow design
Collar screw and M2.5, the main rotor holder and the spindle can work closely together to enhance the entire set of rotor head 3D
Precision flight performance. M2.5 collar screw locking main rotor holder with spindle work closely with
Enhance the of 3D precision flight performance of the rotor head.
         The new DFC Main Rotor Housing appearance simple V-shaped frame provides strong support
Structure, dramatically reducing the parts wearing performance. The new DFC Main Rotor Housing at the bottom of full closure
Closed design, prevent impact force cracking.
       Increase the user-friendly design, novel DFC Main Rotor Housing top scale line to adjust the main rotor
The clamp level, to facilitate the pitch is adjusted to 0 degree. DFC horizontal axis washer using 85 ° superhard rubber one into
Type, washer outer diameter increased to 7mm, this improvement can give full play to the function of waving hinge compensation spin
The lift of the wing around uneven, reduce the fatigue of the main rotor blades, to enhance smooth flight performance.




DFC spindle the the short spindle design with ultra-low center of gravity, the link structure of the new enhanced canceled SF control arm,
The link support part made ​​of stainless steel, the rotor head look more appreciation. [Applicable
Specifications Number: 450 RPOFL metal main rotor Seat / big paddle folder TL45118. New horizontal axis washer
Live inclined ladder design, large format design more effective foil bearing inner ring.
Thrust bearings installed need to note that the, IN outside diameter of the retaining ring be installed close to the the Vanda position, so you can
Effectively smooth pass Rally. Thrust bearing steel copper concave inwardly, in order to prevent lubricating oil thrown.
Descriptions :
6061-T6 Aluminum alloy CNC processing, applicable to all TAROT 450 modified DFC rotor head. DFC main shaft applied ultra-low center of gravity short main shaft design; the level of main rotor is closed to the center of gravity, which can improve the performance of 3D flight. 
New bearing became bigger so that it can absorb the longitudinal and lateral vibration efficiently, and endure stronger pulling force.
New feathering shaft applied the specification of 480. Use 12.9 degree M2.5 full thread screw to lock the shaft to reduce the possibility of screw loosing. The valid tread is 8mm to absorb the vibration. The middle portion of the new DFC feathering shaft is 3.5mm so that it can avoid the impact focus on the rotor housing.
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Specification :
  • 450DFC Main Rotor Housing Set/ Sliver x 1
  • 450DFC Main Shaft x 1 (108MM)
  • 450 DFC Head Damper x 2(Φ4xΦ7.0x4.0mm)
  • 450 DFC Main Shaft Screw x 1(M2.5 x10.5mm)
  • M2.5 Nylon Lock Nut x 1
  • Metal Main Rotor Holder with big-size bearing × 2
  • Bearing × 2(Φ4.0xΦ8x3.0mm)
  • Thrust Bearing × 2(Φ4.0xΦ9x4.0mm)
  • Washer × 2(Φ4xΦ5.9x0.5mm)
  • Bearing × 2(Φ4.0xΦ9x4.0mm)
  • Washer × 2(Φ2.5xΦ4.5x0.3mm)
  • 12.9 Degree M2.5*15MM Cup Head Hexagon Collar Screw× 2
  • Cup Head Hexagon Collar Screw ×2(M3×15MM)
  • M3 Nylon Lock Nut ×2
  • 450 DFC New Feather Shaft TL48009 (Φ4.0x54.0mm) × 1
  • 450DFC Main Rotor Holder Extension Arm TL48012× 2
  • 12.9 Degree M2.5*4MM Cup Head Hexagon Collar Screw × 2
  • 450 DFC Main Rotor Linkage Rod × 2 (TL45165-02)
  • 450 DFC Main Rotor Stainless Steel Linkage Screw × 2
  • 450 DFC Main Rotor Linkage Bearing × 4
  • 450 DFC Main Rotor Ball Link ×2 (TL45165-03)
  • DFC Head Damper M4×6.5×1M


Please note this item does NOT include the swashplate (which is unchanged and no need to replacement).


This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 02 February, 2013.

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