• 2.4GReceiver FS-X6B i-BUS output 8 channel TL150F4

2.4GReceiver FS-X6B i-BUS output 8 channel TL150F4

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product manual:
The Flowserve FS-X6B is a two-way receiver designed for multi-rotor aircraft. It uses AFHDS2A (second generation automatic frequency hopping digital system) and uses omnidirectional dual antennas to provide superior anti-interference capability. It is small in size and easy to install. It has a rich interface that supports 6 channels of PWM signal output, 1 standard 8-channel PPM signal output, 18 channels of i-BUS signal and voltage detection interface.

Product setup steps:
1: Receiver status indicator
1.1 Off: The receiver power is not connected.
1.2 The red light is always on. The receiver is connected to the power supply and works normally.
1.3 Fast flashing: the receiver is in the code status
1.4 Slow flashing: The paired transmitter is not turned on or the signal has been lost.

2: Pair code
The transmitter and receiver have been successfully coded at the factory. If you are replacing a new receiver or transmitter, please follow the steps below to perform the code:
(The way the transmitter enters the code status may be different, please follow the transmitter's instruction manual)
2.1: Press and hold the code button on the receiver and connect the power to the receiver;
2.2: The flashing light on the receiver indicates that the receiver enters the code status;
2.3: After the code is successful, the transmitter automatically exits the code interface, and the receiver indicator stops flashing rapidly and becomes steady light;
2.4: Check if the transmitter, receiver and model are working properly. If there is any abnormality, repeat the above steps to re-pair the code.
The above matching method is only suitable for FLYSKY products.

Product specifications:
FS-X6B receiver × 1
PPM/i.BUS normal cable ×1
PPM/i.BUS connection Tarot 120-150 race-level cross-machine flight control cable ×1
PWM common receiver cable ×1

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