650 Sport Quad-Copter foldable frame TL65S01

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Product Description
  • TAROT 650 SPORT Quad-copter foldable frame is advanced version of 650 series frame. Original designed by TAROT, includes retractable landing gear; with lower G.C., better stability, bigger space, and eye-catchy appearance.  
  • Equipped with high strength PCB, which make connection faster and safer.
  • The motor mount is equipped with brushless ESC assembly position. Clamp design, easy to adjust motor mount level.
  • With double color appearance, brings strong visual focus.    
  • TAROT 650 SPORT Quad-copter foldable frame is designed for portable purpose. Suit for light capacity, long time, and large range job, like RC monitoring, aerial researching, measure sketching, farm developing… etc.
  •  The state intellectual property has been awarded the TAROT model.,ltd four patents. Any units orindividual without the license holder manufacture 、copy 、use and sale the product will be patent lawsuit.
    patent numbe r:2014101408249
    patent number :2014201726798
    patent number :2014300815963
    patent number :2014300815982
  • Shaft diameter: 600MM

Suggest Accessories:

  • Propellers: 12’’-15’’ T series CF propellers
  • Brushless Motor:
    • 4S/620KV 4006 motor TL68P02
    • 4114/320KV motor TL100B08
    • 6S 380KV 4008 motor TL68P07
  • Battery: 10-15C 14.8V-22.2V 4000-5000MHA
  • ESC: 20~30A

 Net weight :0.7KG 

 Total weight :1.00KG 


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