Flight Control System/Pixhawk2.4.8 ZYX40

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Product Description:

·Flight Control System Pixhawk2.4.8
·Flight control hardware manufacturer 3DR launched a new generation of flight control system
·High-performance 32-bit dual-processor system
·A 32-bit STM32F427Cortex M4 core 168MHz/256KB RAM/2MB Flash processor that excels in powerful computing
·There is also a co-processor 32-bit STM32F100C8T6, mainly for industrial use, with dual processor co-processing for flight safety

Product Features:
1.The factory has brushed the 2022 version of firmware ArduCopter V4.1.5,and has upgraded the BootLoader to the latest,solving the problem that the BootLoader comes with the old version of V3.6*firmware on the market may cause the reset of the settings parameters(see the description of the problem on the official website"Copter 4.0.4-rc1 26-May- 2020-Bug Fixes-2").
2.Hardware factory using the latest version of high-quality 2022 models.
3.Flight control all imported original components,to ensure stable performance.
4.Original imported M8N GPS module,up to 24 can be,fast search speed,accurate positioning(the number of satellites and the search environment,the measured value is only the general value).
5.The flight control connection line are used special soft connection line,soft line can ensure that will not pull to the flight control.
6.Voltmeter has been re-optimized,using parallel detection,compared with the traditional current meter has obvious advantages,to prevent the current is too large burned and caused by power failure.

Product Parameters:
1:STM32F427 VIT6(168MHZ/256KB RAM/2MB Flash 100Pin)
2:32-bit STM32F100C8T6(48Pin) Fail-safe co-processor
1:Invensense MPU6000 3-axis accelerometer/magnetometer
2:MEAS MS5611 high precision barometer
1:14 PWM servo or ESC outputs.
2:5 UART (serial),CAN,SPl,I2C,SBUS(input and output),PPM input.
3:3.3 and 6.6V ADC inputs,RSSI(PWM or voltage)inputs.
4:Spektrum DSM/DSM2/DSM-X compatible satellite receiver input,allowing the use of Specktrum remote receivers.
5:TF card to record flight data(track,sensor,position,altitude,power,etc.all data).
Ground station:Mission Planner,QGroundControl
Firmware:ardupilot firmware that supports FMUV3

Product Specifications:
Main control Pixhawk2.4.8/built-in TF card×1
GPS module×1
Current meter×1
Safety switch×1
I2C expansion board/with 4P cable×1
Vibration Isolation Board×1
GPS bracket×1
SD card holder×1
3P Dupont cable/RC receiver×1
4P cable/I2C\Can interface×1
6P cable/TELEM interface×1
Double-sided sponge sticker×4

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