Full HD digital image transmission system II Super long distance 5 km/10 km / 20 km Measured 1080P TL1001

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全高清数字图传系统II 超远距5公里/10公里/20公里 实测1080P TL1001






product manual:

     The 10-kilometer high-definition digital image transmission system is suitable for various devices that require lightweight real-time back-transfer image applications. The images captured by the camera are converted into wireless signals in real time and returned to the ground. The returned signals will be received through the matched dual-antenna mobile receiver. And displayed on the TV screen. The second-generation image transmission system developed this time further simplifies the complexity of the product hardware in the original function of the first generation image system, but the function is more perfect.

Product specifications:
Transmitter × 1 (93 × 56 × 21MM) 102.7G
Receiver × 1 (89 × 61 × 22MM) 100.7G
Receiver antenna × 1 (212MM)
Equipment power cord × 2
Receiver antenna plus base 1085MM×2 955G×2



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