hobby wing V4 Platinum-130A-HV-OPTO ESC latinum-130A-HV-OPTO高压电调

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hobby wing V4 Platinum-130A-HV-OPTO ESC

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Product Description


product manual:

 Excellent fixed speed performance

The 32-bit M4 ARM control core provides up to 72MHz operating frequency with adjustable speed sensitivity.

Ultra-soft start

The motor's slow start time is adjustable from 8-25 seconds in helicopter flight mode.

High power BEC

Built-in programmable switch mode BEC, the output voltage is continuously adjustable in the range of 5-8V in 0.1V steps, and the output current is increased to 25A with continuous output current of 10A or more.

Synchronous rectification new technology

The ESC has a synchronous rectification drive optimization technology* (DEO---Driving Efficiency Optimization, also known as Freewheeling technology), which brings multiple advantages:
● Faster throttle response, enhanced flight stability and flexibility;
● Higher drive efficiency and longer battery life;
● Lower ESC temperature rise, ESC work is more reliable;

Multiple brake modes

It has four modes: brake off, normal brake, proportional brake and reverse brake. The brake force is adjustable in the normal brake mode. In the proportional brake mode, the brake force is linearly related to the throttle stick position. In the reverse brake mode, The forward and reverse rotation of the motor can be realized by other channel control of the remote control.

Multiple protection

It has multiple protection functions: start protection, over current protection, temperature protection, capacitor temperature protection, overload protection, throttle signal loss protection, and input voltage abnormal protection.

More additional features

With its own independent parameter setting interface, it can expand a variety of functions:
● Connect the multi-function LCD parameter setting box for parameter setting, or connect the WiFi wireless module to set the parameters through the mobile phone (Apple & Android) software;
● With flight data recording function, it can record the lowest voltage, maximum current, maximum temperature data, calibration speed, speed curve table (in helicopter storage fixed speed mode) of the current flight, and connect to the above equipment through independent parameter setting interface. ;
● Upgrade ESC firmware (requires LCD parameter setting box or WiFi module).

Built-in anti-sparking circuit*

The built-in anti-sparking circuit effectively eliminates the spark generated during the power-on and prolongs the life of the plug.
(*Note: Built-in anti-sparking circuit is a unique product function of Platinum-HV-130A-V4 and Platinum-HV-130A-OPTO-V4)

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