Hobbywing buck module/external adjustable UBEC/2-6S/5V\6V 3A TL2681

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Product Description:
·Hobbywing factory UBEC-3A (2-6S) external BEC
·UBEC is an external DC voltage regulator that operates in the mode of a switching regulated power supply
·This UBEC can obtain DC voltage suitable for receiver and other equipment operation from 2-6S Li-ion battery pack and provide 3A output current stably
·This UBEC can easily power various devices on the RC model.

Product Features:
1.UBEC is a DC voltage regulator system in switching power supply mode,with chip efficiency over 90%,and provides over-current and over-temperature protection.
2.Extremely small size and light weight.
3.Special shield and output line magnetic ring greatly reduce electromagnetic interference and ensure the normal operation of the receiver.
4.Compared with the traditional linear voltage regulator method,when using more than 3 series of lithium batteries,the switching power supply method of BEC has a high efficiency, so it can greatly reduce the BEC heat.
5.With protection against reverse power supply polarity connection,if the power supply is accidentally reversed,it will not cause damage to the UBEC.

Product Parameters:
Input voltage:2-6S LiPo
Output voltage:two adjustable 5V/3A or 6V/3A(adjustable by jumper cap)
Ripple:<50mVp-p @2A/12V input 

Product Specifications:
Hobbywing UBEC-3A(2-6S) ×1
Jumper cap ×1
Instruction book ×1

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