Hobbywing ESC XRotor-Pro-80A-HV TL2969

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product manual:
The new product is good for Lotte XRotor multi-axis special ESC, the shell is waterproof, without BEC, without a fan (this ESC does not require a fan) is the first choice for multi-axis plant protection.
Product parameters:
Model: XRotor Pro-80A-HV-RTF-V3
Drive mode: BLDC
Continuous current: 80A
Instantaneous current (10 seconds): 100A
Input voltage: 6-14s
Parameter programming function: automatic advance angle (high/medium)
Product specifications:
XRotor Pro-80A-HV-RTF-V3×1
Power cord (red and black) 12 gauge silicone wire, length: 14cm.
Motor line (3 black lines) 14th silicone line, length: 95cm
Signal line (black and white thin line) length: 40cm
Weight: 195g
Size: 99.2 × 42 × 20.5mm

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