JHEMCU flight control/FPV quadcopter/support OSD/GF30F405-ICM

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Product Description:
·JHEMCU factory mini F405 flight control, support 3-8S voltage input;
·ICM-42688-P sensor assembly, supports OSD information overlay;
·Especially suitable for small multi-axis rotorcraft and FPV racing frame use.

Product Parameters:
Voltage input: 3-8S (11-36V)
Signal Protocol: PWM, Oneshot125, Oneshot42, Multishot, Dshot150, Dshot300, Dshot600
Sensor: ICM-42688-P
Size: 36*36mm (30. 5mm*30.5mm/4MM)
Firmware version: Betaflight JHEF405pro/INAV_6.1.0_JHEMCUF405
Black Box: 16MB
Barometer: SPL06
OSD: Support
DJI VTX: with reserved interface, support
USB: TYPE-C interface
IIC: Support
Buzzer: Support
UART: 4 ways, UART1, 3, 4, 6, where UART3 is the receiver
BEC: BEC 5V/3A and 10V/2A
Receiver: SBUS, IBUS, DSM2/X, TBS, CRSF, etc.
Support WS2812 programmable LED
Built-in voltage sensor with current detection port
Weight: 8.7g

Product Specifications:
GF30F405-ICM(8.7g) ×1
Double-ended plug cable/8P ×1
M3 shock ball ×1

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