LJI ZD850 ZD975 850mm Full Carbon Fiber Umbrella Folding Hexacopter Frame Kit with Carbon Fiber Landing Skid (20MM tube)

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Product Description
Newest full Carbon fiber ZD850 ZD 850 850mm 6-axis Hexacopter Frame Kit with carbon fiber landing skid

Except for the difference in wheelbase, the ZD975 upper center plate is changed to a 2.0 thicker plate, and the motor base is changed to an extended motor base that supports the 50 series, which supports up to 18-inch blades. (The ZD975 rack is equipped with a battery hanging plate as standard)
Lji ZD850 Z6 Plus 850mm six-axis umbrella folding rack
A single rack is not equipped with a battery hanger. If you need a battery board, please buy it separately
Panel thickness 1.5MM

Most of the folding racks on the market are expensive, and this shop gives back to the mold friends.

This six-axis umbrella-shaped folding rack will be sold at a super cost-effective price of 800 yuan.


The arm adopts a 5° upturned 20mm carbon tube with a larger diameter to give full play to the force.


Aluminum alloy folding parts, nylon tube clamp (tighter clamp) 8-hole motor seat, compatible with more motors.


The diagonal wheelbase of the motor base is about 850mm, and the maximum support for 16-inch propellers


The center plate specification 245mm*180mm has more space, and the middle height of the center plate is about 35mm.


The gimbal hanging rod adopts a 10*330mm long carbon tube, which can be freely extended and retracted to the desired length, with a multi-hole gimbal plate


The tripod adopts a carbon tube with a diameter of 16mm, a height of 350mm, and a tripod crossbar of 500mm, so the grounding area is more and more stable.
- Diagonal wheelbase: 850mm 975MM
- Weight: about 1210 g
- Material: full carbon fiber

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