Martin Brushless Motor/Multi-rotor High Efficiency Long Endurance Motor 6S/4012/320KV TL40P12

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Product Description:
 ·Martin series brushless motors developed for long-endurance multi-rotor UAVs
·Tested and tuned over a long period of time to obtain low power consumption and high lift
·The motor's extremely low center of gravity increases the stability of the drone
·Built-in high-efficiency active heat sink brings ultra-low temperature and effectively improves energy conversion efficiency
·Use with Martin folding paddles for more efficient performance and longer endurance
·This series of newly designed folding rotor mounts are widely adaptable
·Universal conventional propeller and installation of the new Martin folding propeller
·The base of the motor adopts a high overhang design to protect the coil
·Mounting hole 19MM / triangle mounting hole 27.7MM
·Compatible with the mainstream of the current market frame mounting
·It inherits the superior characteristics of TAROT brushless motor with long life, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise and stable control.

M3×5mm cup head screws: For Tarot's 650/680/690 frames
M3×8MM semi-round head screws: Dedicated to Tarot Peeper I drone TL750S1

Product Specifications:
4012 Martin long-endurance brushless motor × 1
Metal folding paddle base (44×10×2.5MM) 2.0G×1
Carbon fiber folding paddle base clip (44×15×2.0MM) 0.85G×1
Metal folding paddle base mounting screws: M3×4MM semi-round head screws 0.4g×2
Rotor mounting screws: M3×11.3MM bushing screws 0.6g×2
Motor mounting screws: M3×8MM semi-round head screws 0.4g×3
Spare motor mounting screws: M3×5MM cup head screws 0.4g×4
Teflon gasket×6(8×3×0.5MM)0.05g

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