• steam miao 550/600 DFC Swashplate Set MK60121

steam miao 550/600 DFC Swashplate Set MK60121

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Product Description:

Applicable to Miao 550/600DFC models, using 6061-T6 aluminum alloy material, high-precision four-axis turning-milling composite 3D integral molding, with high-precision structural strength. Meet the strict flight load-bearing requirements, effectively improve flight stability and control performance. The swashplate adopts the patented design of no virtual position structure and independent fixing method. This patented design can reduce the assembly clearance, leaving only the virtual position shaking of the bearing itself. The use of this structure can facilitate maintenance, disassembly and maintenance of the swashplate. Using NSK fisheye bearings, all ball head threads are increased to 3.0mm, avoiding the problems of easy slippage and fragility of the original M2 ball head, and meeting the load requirements of the current mainframe for the swashplate.

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Product Specifications:

Swash plate set outer plate×1 (Φ60.4×Φ30×14mm) 17g

Swash plate inner plate×1 (Φ36.7×17Φ×10mm) 5.6g

Bearing seat under swash plate×1 (32.5Φ×16.5Φ×3mm) 2.7g

Swash plate set outer plate bearing×1 (Φ37×Φ30×4mm)

Fisheye bearing×1 0.7g

Fisheye bearing gland×1 (27Φ×17Φ×1.8mm) 0.4g

M3×4mm guide plate long ball head×1 (Φ4.7×29.5mm) 1.8g

M3×4mm ball head×1 (Φ4.7×10.6mm) 0.85g

M2 cup head screw × 5 (M2 × 5mm)

M2 round head screws ×4 (M2×4mm)

M2 metal gasket surface ×3

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