tarot 12S 480A distribution board TL2996

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Instructions for use:
The two TX60s reserve power for the 6S, which can supply power to the common flight control, and can also supply power to other devices that support 6S.
     The other two XT60s reserve power for the 12S. This path cannot be used as an ESC power supply interface. It can be connected to the step-down module or other equipment that supports 12S voltage. Pay special attention to the power supply of the ordinary flight control with the power supply range of 3S-6S. Otherwise, the flight control will be burned.
     When installing, pay attention to the arrow mark to be consistent with the front of the head, support four-axis six-axis models, according to different models according to the identification wiring. The main power cord is recommended to solder the AS150 plug, which is divided into positive and negative left and right and negative, and cannot be mixed.


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