tarot 190 FPV racing drone TL190H2

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This is a standard-oriented race-level rider, you need to equip all the equipment to enjoy the heartbeat acceleration. Tarot's 4mm thick carbon fiber sheet is used to design this crossover machine. It is almost synonymous with the dead bird and can continue to fly after being subjected to violent impact.
product manual:
The Tarot190 FPV race-level traversing machine is fully CNC-processed with 4mm-thick carbon fiber sheets, offering an exceptionally sophisticated and visual experience that delivers an extraordinary cross-over experience. The empty machine weighs only 125 grams, inherits Tarot's customary overall design standards, and uses a large number of rivet structures to provide a stable frame structure. Let a lot of clever ideas can be found on this plane.

Micro camera freely adjustable angle design
2205 strong brushless power
ESC with protective shroud
Full carbon fiber frame design
Reliable power connection design
Ultra-light hexagonal aluminum column
Cable tie anti-slip design
Extremely compact overall

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Related equipment recommendation number:
Flight Control: F3 Flight Control
Brushless motor: 2205
Brushless ESC: 20A or more (note the size of the protective cover)
Rotor specifications: standard 5 inch paddle
Camera: RunCam Swift FPV HD Mini Camera
5.8G 200MW wireless image transmission
Lithium polymer battery: 1300mAh 4S 14.8V 75C
SBUS or PPM receiver: TL150F1/TL150F2
Product parameters:
Wheelbase: 190MM
Empty rack height 90MM
Empty rack length 170MM
Empty rack width 170MM
Product specifications:
190 FPV race-level crossing machine / empty machine × 1
Battery magic stick ×1
Battery cable tie ×1
Chinese and English assembly instructions × 1


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