Tarot 1965 CCW high-efficiency folding anti-propeller TL100D17

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 Product Description:    
·New optimized airfoil design and high strength material
·Good flexibility and stability
·More than 10% of efficiency increase and more abundant power reserve
·Suitable for multi-axis and multi-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles 
·Molds made by Swiss MIKRON five-axis machining center

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Product Specification:
Total length: 230MM
Diameter: 19 inches
Weight: 20.7g/PCS
Center hole diameter: 4.0mm
Mounting seat thickness: 5.2mm

Package Content:
1965 CCW foldable props ×2
Teflon gasket × 4 (4 × 14 × 0.5MM) 0.05g
M4×12MM silver cuphead collar screw × 2

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