Tarot 450 Thrust Bearing Tail Rotor Clamping Set TL45034-05

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Product Descriptions: 
  • Use for 450SPORT/PRO/PROV2/PRO DFC
  • The new design of centrifugal force balance structure tail holder effectively balance
  • New 450 tail rotor holder with three bearing design (included thrust bearing), elongated the radial distance of the hub, all the bearings installed in the tail hub, and no longer rely on the screws, to effectively prevent loose probability, which  solves the issue caused by the shortcomings of the original design.
  • 450 Metal Tail Holder x 2
  • Tail rotor hub x 1 (Φ3xΦ4xΦ8x26mm)
  • Bearing MR63ZZ x 2 (Φ3xΦ6x2.5mm)
  • Washer x 2 (Φ3xΦ4.8x0.3mm)
  • Thrust bearings x2 (Φ3xΦ6x3.5mm)
  • Bearing x2 (Φ4xΦ7x2.5mm)
  • Washer x 2 (Φ2xΦ3.6x0.3mm)
  • Socket button head screw x 2 (M2x6mm)
  • M3 ended vent screw x 1 (M3x3mm)
  • Cup head Hexagon collar screw x 2 (M2 x 9.5MM)

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