Tarot 500FBL Helicopter/split locking rotor head assembly TL50901-02

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Product Description:
For use with the TAROT 500 FBL rotor head,fully CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminium alloy

Product Features:
1.CW CCW tooth puller brings convenient debugging feeling
2.Split main rotor clamping seat effectively reduces the cost of use.
3.Ultra-low centre of gravity and short spindle design, with the rotor level close to the centre of gravity of the airframe.
4.New main rotor mount with 3-point V-spindle locking design.
5.New main rotor mount with laser markings on the top.
6.Reinforced cross shaft gasket with 85° super hard rubber.
7.New design of large bearing clamping seat with mid thrust bearing.
8.Frame type construction providing a strong support structure.
9.The concave face of the brass ball of the thrust bearing is directed inwards to prevent the oil from being thrown out

Product Specifications:
500FBL rotor head assembly×1
CW CCW threaded connecting rod(Φ1.96x50mm)×2
Connecting rod head×4

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