Tarot 5.8G MWOSD 200/300/400mW TX5870 TX TL300N7

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Note: This model TX5870B product defaults to use the flight control of cleanflight firmware. Other types such as betaflight and NAZE need to adjust the MWOSD parameters to be used normally. For details, please refer to the instruction manual “Additional Explanation of TX5870 Image Transmission MWSOD Function”.


Application range:
    The TX5870 is an audio and video transmitter specially developed for long-distance image transmission of RC airplanes with its own OSD function. With multi-channel, small size, light weight, adjustable transmit power (divided into 200mW, 300mW, 400mW), full-featured, easy to operate, can set OSD display data or replace open source OSD program according to different use modes.
(Note: This product is divided into two models: TX5870A and TX5870B, TX5870A is the connection method of [Camera-TX5870 Image Transmission Module-GPS Module], TX5870B is the wiring method of [Camera-TX5870-Flight Control-GPS Module]. The default factory model is TX5870B. If you want TX5870A, please follow the instructions or search for the MWSOS parameters online.

Note: The company's factory-integrated OSD adopts the open source MWOSD solution, and only provides the basic manual "Additional Description of the TX5870 Image Transmission MWSOD Function" to facilitate the basic customers to understand the basic problems, and to explore the deeper MWOSD function. Search online by yourself and do not provide technical support.

1, net weight: 9g (excluding antenna, outer membrane, GPS, etc.)
2, the volume: 31 * 37 * 9.3MM
3. Transmission frequency: 5325-5945MHZ
4, the number of channels: a total of 70 channels
5, channel selection: digital tube alphanumeric combination adjustment
6. Transmitting power: low power 200mW (15dBm), medium power 300mW (23dBm), high power 400mW (27dBm)
7, input voltage: 7-28V DC (2-6S)
8, the output voltage: 5V 600mA
9, antenna interface: MMCX
10, working environment temperature: -10 to 60 degrees Celsius
11, modulation type: FM
12. Language: English

1, 1 channel video, with microphone, long distance transmission
2, 1 channel 5V500mA power output (can be used for camera, camera power supply. Please confirm the relevant equipment voltage and current before use, so as not to burn)
3, can be turned off according to demand, open the OSD function
4, there are different indicators to indicate the current working status
5, the transmission power can be adjusted as needed
6, OSD screen can be connected to the host computer to set the displayed content as required
7, according to different ways of use, re-write the corresponding open source OSD program to meet the demand

Product specifications:
TX5870B transmitter × 1
5.8G transmitting antenna × 1
Power and video source connection 5P line × 1
Flight control / GPS connection 4P line × 1
RSSI interface connected to 1P line × 1
Heat shrink film ×1
Instruction manual ×1

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