Tarot 810 Sport Hex-copter foldable frame TL810s01

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product manual:
    The TAROT 810SPORT multi-axis aircraft is a multi-axis flight carrier designed for professional aerial photography users. It comes standard with a new electric shrink-folding tripod, a standard six-axis hub, a pan/tilt mounting system, and various electronic systems.
The system provides ample installation space, and its horizontal folding arm can bring the most powerful and stable support structure.
   The 6-rotor provides sufficient power to ensure that the aircraft is in motion even if one of the axles stops working unexpectedly
stable state. The overall weight is light and easy to carry.
      The pure carbon cover is made of imported Toray 3K pure carbon fiber woven fabric, which is prefabricated by CNC under high temperature and high pressure.
Pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber board quality exceeds conventional commercial products, and its comprehensive performance exceeds the national standard for carbon fiber strips.
Board high strength first grade performance requirements.
Product specifications:
Symmetrical motor wheelbase: 810 MM
Rack diameter: 920MM
Folding paddle specifications: 15 inches
Single arm length: 430MM
Center cover specifications: 247 × 242 × 2.0MM
Motor mounting hole distance: 16MM/19MM/25MM/27MM equilateral triangle installation
Landing gear clearance height: 362MM
Battery specifications: 15C, 22.2V, 10000-2000MHA
6S brushless ESC: 40A
Maximum power consumption: 4000W
Hover power consumption: 1500W
Working environment temperature: -10 ° C ~ 40 ° C
Net weight: 1.6KG
Full weight: 1.9KG
The flight load is 3 kg and the designed compression bearing capacity is 15 kg.

Recommended configuration:
4114/320KV multi-axis brushless motor TL100B08
1555 high efficiency carbon fiber multi-axis positive and negative paddle TL2812
35-40A multi-axis ESC

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