Tarot BVR HD image transmission 10km 1080P 540MHz TL1000-540

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Product manual:

Miniature high-definition digital video transmission system suitable for a variety of real-time image applications require lightweight device return. Integrated encoder, receiver and antenna in one, the miniature camera to capture images in real time and converted into a radio signal back to the ground. The return signal received and displayed on the TV screen by matching dual antenna mobile receivers.
Note: All products manufactured before the test and commission the pairing, do not arbitrarily adjust the parameters.
To customize other bands can contact customer service.

Product Features:

HDMI supports standard video wireless transmission.
With the DR-2108 dual-antenna receiver using mobile digital image resolution 1080P, the conditions under 540MHz transmission distance can reach 9-10 km (due to environmental change from the concrete).
Wireless transmission, image delay 300-350MS.
Total power consumption of less than 12W.
Machine weighs less than 100 grams.
Using H.264 image compression technology, high-quality fine compression, up to broadcast images.
Support USB upgrade and recording, playback functions.
Typical DC12V / DC24V power supply Supply voltage range DC10V-26V.
Machine adopt separation design, placement can be chosen at random, good heat dissipation.
With dual diversity reception (automatically selects strong signal decoding), stable performance.
Excellent receiver sensitivity.
With a high-definition image picture effect, anti-multipath interference and fading strong advantage, supports a stable image transmission 230Km / h rapid traverse.

     The encoder (46 × 38 × 19mm) 35g × 1
     A transmitter (99 × 40 × 15mm) 64g × 1
     The receiver (124 × 85 × 20mm) 147g × 1
     Transmitter antenna × 1
     Receiver antenna × 2
     Receiver antenna sucker × 2
     Mirco HDMI line × 1
     MCX-SMA line × 1
     SMA male to SMA female connector line × 1
     SMA male to SMA male connector line × 1
     SMA male to SMA female elbow × 1
     Receiver equipment × 1

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