tarot Damper pan/tilt / large TL10A08

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Tarot 阻尼式云台减震球/大型  TL10A08


product manual:
Applicable to 10-30 high-magnification HD zoom pan/tilt, imported rubber material, ultra-thin hollow smooth inner hole. The inner cavity of the ball is filled with a damping liquid, and the viscous damping property of the liquid is utilized to dissipate the vibration energy of the instantaneous impact as much as possible in the damping layer. The high-frequency vibration energy is consumed by the slow resilience of the material. Greatly improve the high-magnification HD PTZ effect and become a real water ripple buster.
Shore hardness: 25HA is recommended to use the extrusion type to pull the structure to install more effectively, the upper mounting hole 10MM / lower mounting hole 12MM. Single mount recommended 150-250g
Note: It is strictly forbidden to squeeze the ball hardly, causing the damping fluid to leak. Pull up during installation and pull down when disassembling. The ball needs to be replaced regularly to avoid failure.

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Product specifications:
Damping damping ball × 2 (18 × 32 × 0.8) 4.7G

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