Tarot Distribution Module/Power Hub/Compatible XT60 TL60-10

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Product Description:

Tarot's one-out-ten power distribution module is specially developed for large and medium-sized UAVs. It supports any type of UAV with 10 lines of line output. The outer shell is designed with an injection molding die, and the internal circuit is made of solid red copper ( The surface is gold-plated) the one-piece structure, the current resistance can reach 200A.

Matters needing attention: Since the interior is made of solid copper, it will cause serious heat absorption. It is recommended to use a 100W electric soldering iron to weld the main power supply!


1. Each internal circuit (positive pole/negative pole) adopts a solid red copper one-piece structure;

2. Gold-plated design on the contact surface of the plug;

3. The shell is designed by compression molding and injection molding, which is beautiful and high-grade;

4. No need for heat shrinkable tube, the sheath is installed in place in one step, saving time and worry;

5. The plane welding port is equipped with a sheath with a barrier layer, which not only prevents short circuits but also facilitates welding;

6. UL94V-0 flame retardant grade, the safety factor is greatly improved;

7. Withstand current up to 200A;

8. Seamlessly compatible with XT60 butt male connector.


The State Intellectual Property Office has granted Wenzhou Tarot Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. the patent right of this product (patent number: ZL2021 2 2008729.1). Any unit or individual who manufactures, imitates, uses, or sells this product without the authorization of the holder will face the Patent Infringement Litigation.

Product Specifications:

One-out ten electricity module TL60-10(42.5g) ×1

90 series sheath (0.8g) ×1

Half round head screw (M3*5mm) ×2

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