tarot Gopro metal three-axis gimbal double mount kit TL3T11

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product manual:

     This product is matched with Gopro three-axis metal gimbal (TL3T01/TL3T02/TL3T05) for double hanging use. It is made of imported Toray 3K texture pure carbon fiber cloth and pressed at high temperature. It is suitable for hanging carbon fiber rods with a center distance of 60MM and a carbon fiber rod diameter of 10MM. The lower hanging plate solves the problem that it is inconvenient to mount two Gopro cameras in one rack at the same time.

Product specifications:

Gopro PTZ double hanging plate×1 (200×30×1.6MM)

Metal mount×2

M2×22 silver aluminum pillar×8

M2.0×5 cup head screw×20

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