tarot Hobbywing 3-1 ecs programming card

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Multifunction LCD Professional box can be programmed surplus Technology produced good Brushless ESC parameter settings. Its interface (LCD LCD screen) intuitive and friendly, through which you can easily set all the parameters ESC. It also can power through its USB interface to reconcile PC connected electrically fine tune the program and parameter settings online updates. Setting box portable, ideal for use outside the field.

This versatile professional programmed boxes suitable for the production of good surplus Technology Co. following products:
XERUN series, EZRUN Series Car Brushless ESC (V2.0 and higher)
XERUN-120A V3 and V3.1
PLATINUM Series Brushless ESC empty mold
PLATINUM V3 Series Brushless ESC empty mold

Work mode:
1, as an independent device settings ESC parameters: the direct use of built-in LCD screen displays ESC parameter setting via buttons on the box set parameters;
2, as the USB adapter is connected electrically to reconcile PC: Using the PC software program updates and ESC parameter settings;
3, as the lithium battery voltage detector: Measuring lithium whole set of voltage and cell voltage;

Product Specifications:
1, Size: 91mm (length) * 51mm (W) * 17mm (thick)
2, Weight: 65g
3, The input voltage: 4.5V-12.6V (only when ESC does not have BEC output only when the need for a separate battery-powered box set)
4, Interface Type: Mini USB, power transfer interface (Futaba socket), Power Interface (Futaba socket)

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