Tarot Motor/450\470 Helicopter Motor/2525/1800KV TL47A24

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Product Description:

·Tarot developed 2525/1800KV motor for 450/470 helicopters

·Sourcing of international standard aerospace aluminium raw materials

·High precision CNC machined

·Combined with imported German tungsten steel tools to ensure machining accuracy

·Every finished or semi-finished product is inspected to strict quality standards

·Lightweight, high strength, heat dissipation on 2525/1800KV new design concept

·Rotor adjusted to optimum (within 0.05g) using a high precision dynamic balancer

Product Parameters:

Motor specification:2525HS

Motor KV value:1800KV

Shaft diameter:3.5mm


Maximum battery input:6S Lipo

Reserved motor cable length:88mm

Product Specifications:

2525/1800KV motor×1

Cup head screws(M3*12mm)×4 

Banana Connector(M4.0)/pair×3

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