Tarot Motors/380\X3\470 Helicopter motors/3215/920KV TL380A25

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Product Description:
·3215/920KV motor specially developed for 380/X3/470 helicopters
·Sourcing of international standard aerospace aluminium raw materials
·High precision CNC machined in Japan (precision 0.001mm)
·Combined with imported German tungsten steel tools to ensure machining accuracy
·Each finished or semi-finished product is inspected to strict quality standards (0.01mm)
·Lightweight, high strength, heat dissipation on the new design concept of the 3215/920KV
·Rotor adjusted to optimum (within 0.05g) using a high precision dynamic balancer
·Using imported bearings and Fully hand wound

Product Specifications:

3215/920KV Motor×1
M3*12 cup head screws×4 
M4.0 banana head pair×3

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