Tarot new six-axis frame TL2778-02

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Non-target the M2.5 ladder screws  can PCB board and arm securely connected

New design sink motor mounting position, enhance the PCB position to lower the center of gravity of a new four-axis aircraft.


Connection with integrated PCB board, equipped with a high-strength galvanized composite PCB circuit board, the power, the power transfer

Connection is quicker and more convenient, safe.


Optimize the design of a large installation space for the various flight control system to provide adequate space for installation.

Detailed installation wiring diagram


Product description:
    The new six-axle vehicle rack arm PA66 +30% ultra high strength material,
    Impact, and impact-resistant. The main use of integrated PCB board connection, gold-plated composite PCB circuit equipped with high-strength
    Board, the power ESC connection faster and more secure. The new design sink motor mounting position,
    Uplift the the PCB position of the new six-axis aircraft center of gravity is lower, more stable. Optimize the design of large installation space,
    For various flight control system to provide sufficient space for the installation. The new four-axis aircraft with non-target M2.5
    Stepped screws, PCB board and arm can securely connected.
    Aircraft Model: FY550
    Body weight 475g
    The symmetrical motor wheelbase 550mm
    Take-off weight of 1200g ~ 2400g
    Propeller 10 × 4.5in
    Recommended battery LiPo (3S-4S 1500mAh ~ 2600mAh)
    Recommended motor 22 × 12mm (Stator size)
    Recommended ESC 30A

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