Tarot new X8 carbon fiber top cover TL8X024

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product manual:
    Applicable to X8 multi-axis aircraft rack TL8X001, the whole adopts imported Toray 3K pure carbon fiber woven cloth and high temperature and high pressure prefabricated full CNC precision processing. The quality of 1.6MM pure carbon matte twill carbon fiber board surpasses conventional commercial products. It has the characteristics of high flatness, light weight, creep resistance, high compressive strength and strong earthquake resistance, and its comprehensive performance exceeds the requirements of national standards for high-strength first-class performance indicators of carbon fiber strips. The overall shape design has a strong viewing angle impact. The overall frame is fastened with a lightweight 6061T6 aluminum alloy M3 aluminum column and M3 * 8 step screws.
Pure carbon fiber upper body cover * 1 (335 * 335 * 1.7MM)


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