Tarot TFR6 2.4G compatible FUTABA 7 channel receiver TL2705 TL2705

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Tarot TFR6 2.4G compatible FUTABA 7 channel receiver TL2705

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Product Description


【product manual】
Suitable for Futaba fasst 2.4 G 6EX , 7C 2.4 g, 8fg, 10CG, 12FG, 12Z, 14MZ
1 Introduction
1.1 Compatibility:
Compatible with all Futaba FASST 2.4G controllers and modules (except gun control, such as 3PK, 4PK)
Compatible with FrSky TF Module (TF-8M, TF-14M)
1.2 Specifications:
Number of channels: 7 channels
Voltage range: 3.5V~10V
Size: 37mm*22mm*8mm
Weight: 7.8g
1.3 Features:
1) Lighter weight and smaller size;
2) Two optional runaway protection settings.
2. Settings:
2.1 Code process:
Turn on the control, press and hold the F/S button of the TFR6 receiver and connect to the power supply. When the red light on the receiver goes out,
When the green light is on, it indicates that the code is successful.
2.2 Out of control protection settings:
The TFR6 receiver has two optional runaway protection options: one is the loss of compatibility control itself.
Control protection settings, the second is to set up runaway protection on the TFR6 receiver.
2.2.1 Use the original out of control protection settings on the control:
If the out-of-control protection on the original control is not turned off, the TFR6 will use the runaway protection of the control itself.
2.2.2 Set up runaway protection on TFR6:
TFR6 supports full channel out of control protection. The following are the steps for TFR6 to set up runaway protection:
1) After the TFR6 receiver successfully codes, enter the control setting menu and close the control.
Control protection settings;
2) Set any value of runaway protection on any channel of the TFR6 receiver;
3) Press and hold the F/S button of the TFR6 receiver, when the green light on the receiver flashes twice, it indicates that it is out of control.
The protection settings are successful.
If you no longer need this loss of control protection, just re-pair the code.
If the original out-of-control protection is not turned off, the TFR6 will give priority to the runaway protection that comes with the control.

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