Tarot unpowered claw/drone mantis claw/six claws TL1901

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Product Description:
·Tarot's latest carbon fiber model without power claws
·The center structure of the connector is made of 6061T6 full aluminum alloy CNC precision machining
·Gripping arm made of pure carbon fiber plate carving,this non-powered claw six claw design without power to grasp the object
·Light weight,high strength,stable grip,can lock objects firmly without dropping,can be mounted on the drone operation

Use method:
Product shipment has been assembled before the completion of the hand to use,mechanical drop six claws automatically open,mechanical lifting six claws automatically close

Note:The object itself needs to look irregular and not slippery, such as a round ball is very difficult to grasp the lock

If you have other specific functional needs and development,you can contact our company to communicate customization.

Product Specifications:

No power claw/with 1m traction cable(77g) ×1

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