Tarot X Electronic Landing Gear Controller TL8X002

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Product Description
    Tarot  High perfermance of New Developing Electric Retractable landing gear control system , related items as follow : 
   Electric landing gear controller             TL8X002
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   Small electric landing gear                   TL65B43
   Small electric landing gear group           TL65B44
   Medium electric landing gear                TL8X003
   X-series electric landing gear               TL96030 
   Large electric landing gear                  TL4N001
   Large elecric landing gear group           TL4N002
  • Voltage:
  • Working Voltage: 3S-6S(12.6V-25.2V)
  • Minimum Voltage: 10V
  • Maximum Voltage: 26V
  1. Reverse power protection: The power of positive and negative polarity will not damage the landing gear controller.
  2. Receiver connection: Enter a channel through 3P line which connected to a common receiver. The signal is PWM, the pulse width of zero value is 1520us. When the pulse width is more than 1520us, the signal will release the landing gear. When the pulse width is less than 1520us, the signal will retract the landing gear.
  3. Receiver connection instructions: If the servo doesn’t receive any signal when powering on, the indicator flashes rapidly until the receiver detects the signal.
  4. Power protection: After powering on, if the signal from the controller is to retract the landing gear, the servo will not respond. The indicator will flash slowly, until the signal becomes to release the landing gear, the light will go out.
  5. Work instructions: When the landing gear is in operation, the indicator will light up until the operation stop.
  6. Fail Safe: During the operation, the landing gear will be released automatically if the servo lose signal.
Check if the motor is correctly connected:
  • When the landing gear work normally, remove the signal from receiver; the servo will enter fail safe mode. The motors connection is correct if the landing gear is released. The motors connection is wrong if the landing gear is retracted.   
Trouble Shooting:
  1. No response after powering on: Check the motor connection of polarities.
  2. Landing gear stop in the middle of working process: Check is there any foreign matter affecting the landing gear.
  3. Landing gear doesn’t work: Check is there any foreign matter affecting the landing gear.
  4. Indicator keeps lighting up after landing gear stop: Check the power supply voltage.
  5. Indicator keeps flashing after powering on: Check the receiver connection.
  • Electronic Retractable Landing Gear Controllerx1(47x32x9.5MM) 13G

  • TL8X002
  • TL8X002-1

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