470~800 Swashplate Leveller Mount HOT100011

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Product Description:

The Steam Terminator Tuning Tool Set is suitable for 250-800 level aircraft model helicopter debugging tools, with functions such as swashplate level adjustment, horizontal axis removal, and paddle balance.

1: Φ3/Φ4/Φ5/Φ6Φ8/Φ10/Φ12/Φ15MM four shaft sleeves and eight diameter helicopter spindles.

2: The swash plate with diameter of Φ19.5~Φ70MM is divided into two types of chassis.

3: Φ:5/Φ6/Φ8/Φ9Φ10MM horizontal axis disassembly with five diameters.

4: The diameter of the rotor mounting hole is Φ2/Φ3/Φ4/Φ5MM, and the balance of the four types of propellers basically covers all 250-800-level propellers.

Steam Terminator Tuning Tool Set, modular design, assembled for use. You can purchase components separately according to your own aircraft model, make the best use of everything, and reduce costs.

470~800 swash plate leveler chassis HOT100011 is suitable for swash plate of Φ19.5~Φ43MM. The front inner ring corresponds to Φ30~Φ35MM / the outer ring corresponds to Φ37~Φ43MM diameter swashplate, and the reverse side corresponds to Φ19.5~Φ24MM diameter swashplate. It basically covers all helicopter swashplates of 250~500 grades.

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Product Specifications:

Φ43MM×11MM swash plate leveler chassis×1

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