Tarot Φ25MM Lengthened Motor Shock Block TL96038 TL96039

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Product description:
    TAROTΦ25MM Lengthened motor shock absorber mount, lengthened size to fit to install larger size motors. Using 6061T6 aluminum alloy full CNC precision machining, for Φ25MM carbon tube DIY multi-axis unmanned aircraft. The shock absorber design reduces the interference of the high frequency vibration of the motor to the flight controller, and effectively improves the performance of the flight controller.
    The comprehensive performance of the carbon fiber board of the motor exceeds the requirements of the national standard for the high performance grade of the carbon fiber bar. Lightweight two-color metal parts overall shape design has a strong impact angle effect for the air body to provide a good visual direction.
Motor mounting pitch: 16MM / 19MM / 25MM / 27MM equilateral triangle installation.
State Intellectual Property Office has granted TAROT Model Co., Ltd. this product patent. Any unit or individual without the authorization of the holder, manufacturing, copying, use, sales infringement of this product, will face patent infringement litigation.
Patent No .: 2014302624299
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Product Specifications:
    Carbon fiber fixing piece × 1 (75 × 50 × 1.6MM) 8.9G
    Metal motor fixed on the top × 1 (99 × 52 × 9MM) 24G
    Metal motor fixed under the seat × 1 (39 × 36 × 9MM) 7.5G
    M3 × 11MM large cap hex socket sleeve screws × 4
    M3 × 10MM cup head hexagonal stepped screw × 4
    Φ3.2 hexagonal shock ring × 4 (7 × 8MM) 0.3G


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