Steam non-slip battery tie leather helicopter model aircraft battery equipment bundle (HOOk&LOOP)

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product manual:

Suitable for binding all kinds of batteries, fuel tanks, and equipment. This cable tie is made of oil scraping technology and has a high-level texture, and its anti-slip performance is much higher than that of conventional cable ties. A good battery binding can improve flight performance. s help.


Related product number:

Steam non-slip battery tie/235MM HOB00001

Steam non-slip battery tie/285MM HOB00002

Steam 550/600 battery tie MK6034

Steam Dancer 700 Battery Tie H7054


Product specifications:

Total length: 235mm 2Pcs(HOB00001)

            285mm 2Pcs(HOB00002)

Rough surface: 170mm (HOB00001)


Hook surface: 70mm

Width: 20mm

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