Tarot 4006 MT motor TL2954

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Product description:
4006 Martin long endurance non brush motor applicable to long endurance multi rotor UAV (quadrotor machine weight of less than 2.8 kg, six rotor machine weight 4 kg below). The folding blade can be obtained without collocation Martin demand for long endurance uav. The overall design of the motor is very low, so as to increase the stability of the motor. The high efficiency active heat sink is provided, which brings the super low temperature, and effectively improves the energy conversion efficiency.
TAROT to performance of the CNC lathe and milling composite processing technology, high standard manufacturing the star motor, single motor weighs only 85 grams (including folding blade clip). Martin series belong to the TAROT power matching updating new products, new products all through long time testing and tuning, in order to obtain a low power consumption and high lift to meet requirements of market of long endurance UAV.
The new design of the folding rotor mounting seat adaptability is wide, general purpose conventional propeller and the installation of new Martin folding propeller. The base of the motor is made of high hanging design, which has a protective effect on the coil. Installation hole 19MM/ triangular mounting hole 27.7MM, compatible with the current mainstream of the market on the rack installation, the appearance of the consistency of the consistency with the traditional motor. The advantages of long service life, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise and stable control of TAROT brushless motor are inherited.
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Product parameters:
   Support lithium section number: 6S
   Propeller installation diameter: 10MM/12MM/34MM
   Propeller: 15 inch
   Stator diameter: 38MM
   No load current: 20V 0.39a
   Stator end thickness: 6.0
   Stator end number: 18N
   Motor pole number: 24P
   Speed: 320KV + 5%
   Motor external diameter: 44.5MM
   Axis diameter: 4MM
   Motor height: 19.5MM

   Maximum continuous current (1): 29.5A

   Maximum continuous power: 410W
   Motor weight: 71G (including the propeller seat)
Product specifications:
   4006 Martin Hale brushless motor * 1
   Metal folding propeller base (44 * 10 * 2.5MM) 2.0G * 1
   Carbon fiber folding propeller base clip (44 x 15 x 1 x 0.85G 2.0MM)
   A metal folding propeller base mounting screws: M3 * 4MM * 0.4g 2 half round head screw
   Rotor mounting screw: M3 * 11.3MM * 0.6g 2 screw sleeve
   Motor mounting screws: M3 * 8MM * 0.4g 3 half round head screw
   Spare motor mounting screws: M3 * 5MM cup head screws 0.4g * 4
   Teflon gasket (8 x 6 x 3 x 0.5MM) 0.05g

   M3*5 screws for 650/680/690 frame 

   M3*8 screws for 750S1 Peeper



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