Tarot 450 DFC Main Grips TL48011

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Please note the plate of trust bearing with bigger internal diameter has to be installed closed to the hub, which can transmit the pulling force. And the obverse of bearing faces inside.
Prduct description:
  • 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and CNC one piece processed, suitable for all 27MM width main hub of 450DFC. The package comes with Tarot 450 DFC New Feathering Shaft TL48009.
  • The newly designed move the thrust bearing inside and use large-sized bearing. The relocation of the bearing to provide better support to reduce the swing and tolarence.
  • Large-size bearings can withstand a stronger pull to meet the big power of the current mainstream models.
  • The main rotor grip using arm extension [TL48012] wearing design, this design provide crush zone for main grip, thus save your main grips.
  • When your screw the main blade, there is a nut notch to limit hold the screw nut, without using a wrench in the lock, easy to use. 
  • The main rotor holder top to increase the user-friendly design, scale line to adjust the main rotor holder level, easy pitch adjustment to 0 degrees. 
  • Use the M2.5 diameter, Hardness of 12.9 of the feathering shaft locking screw.
  • The effective thread depth of 8mm in feathering shaft, to prevent screw loosening.
  • The overall design of this product using 480 specifications.


  • Metal main Grips Block x 2
  • Bearing x 2 (Φ4.0xΦ8x3.0mm)
  • Thrust bearings x 2 (Φ4.0xΦ9x4.0mm)
  • Washer x 2 (Φ4xΦ6.5x0.5mm)
  • Bearing x 2 (Φ4.0xΦ9x4.0mm)
  • Washer x 2 (Φ2.5xΦ4.5x0.3mm)
  • 12.9 M2.5 * 15MM cup head Hexagon screw x 2
  • Cup head Hexagon collar screw x 2 (M3 x 15MM)
  • M3 slip nut x 2
  • 450 DFC new feathering shaft TL48009 (Φ4.0x54.0mm) x 1
  • 450DFC main blade grips the seat to extend the arm TL48012 x 2
  • 12.9 M2.5 * 4MM cup head Hexagon screw x 2

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