• Tarot brushless motor/multi-rotor high-efficiency long-endurance motor 6S/3515/400KV TL35P15

Tarot brushless motor/multi-rotor high-efficiency long-endurance motor 6S/3515/400KV TL35P15

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Product Description:

Tarot 3515/400KV brushless motor is specially designed for long-endurance application scenarios such as aerial surveying, mapping and surveying. It uses international standard aviation aluminum materials and is processed by Japanese high-precision CNC (precision 0.001mm). Each finished product has passed strict quality standards. Inspection to ensure the consistency of each batch.

Motor characteristics:

1: Brand new semi-closed structure design, lightweight, high strength, fast heat dissipation, effectively preventing sand and gravel debris from entering the motor, and also has a good ventilation and heat dissipation effect;

2: Using extremely durable high-quality imported bearings, the rotation is more stable;

3: Fully manual winding, each motor undergoes dynamic and static tests before leaving the factory to ensure the consistency of the motor;

4: IP35 dustproof and waterproof protection, unique structure to provide you with better safety guarantee.

Product parameters:

Number of lithium battery cells supported: 6S

Propeller: 14-16 inches

Stator diameter: 35mm

No-load current: 0.5A

Stator end thickness: 15mm

Number of stator ends: 12N

Motor pole number: 14P

Speed: 400KV±5%

Motor outer diameter: 42mm

Shaft diameter: 4mm

Motor height: 35mm

Maximum continuous current: 28.4A

Maximum continuous power: 630W

Internal resistance: 85mΩ

Propeller installation hole pitch: 12mm

Motor mounting hole distance: 25mm

Motor weight: 142g


3515/400KV brushless motor×1

Propeller metal mounting piece Φ2.26mm×1

M3*6 cup head screw×4

M3*8 round head screw×4

PC packing box×1

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