Tarot compatible SFHSS mode SBUS receiver TL150F1

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Product introduction:
  Compatible with  the FUTABA S-FHSS/FHSS 8CH receiver, as  6J 8J 10J T14SG T18SZ/18MZ etc.Applicable TAROT :120/130/140/150/180 racing drone ,can put into S-BUS directly ,Simplify the complexity of the wiring,the  weight  of single is 4.5g , suitable for Mini racing drone.
Product Specification:
Output Channel:8CH
Receiving mode:S-FHSS/FHSS 
Input Voltage:5V-8V
Working Temperature range:-10-80℃
Dimension:36X19X7 mm
Product SETUP :
1:Transmitter signals is S-FHSS/FHSS mode .
2:Turn on the receiver ,the LED on the receiver should be red light.
3:Turn on the transmitter ,the LED on the receiver will be green light and flash.
4:Press and hold the link switch about 3 seconds ,the LED on the receiver will change to solid green ,it indicates the binding is completed and successful.

If there are many S-FHSS systems  turned on in close proximity ,In that case ,Pls don’t to linking  , In order to avoid  link to one of other transmitters,we strongly  recommend you to doublecheck  whether your receiver is really under control by your transmitter.


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