Tarot FPV racing drone/10 inch carbon fiber frame / MARK4-10 TL1613

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Product Description:
·Tarot's new 10-inch FPV racing drone;
·Made of high quality 3K twill carbon fiber board, strong and durable;

·Exquisite appearance design, is the preferred rack for FPV racing drone;

Product Features:
1.H-frame structure design, shorten the length of the arm, reduce the weight and increase the strength of the arm;
2.Large center plate mounting space, arm mounting option to the bottom, more installation space can be obtained;
3.Front-end FPV lens mounting position size adjustment standard 19mm * 19mm;
4.The middle of the Flight Controller&ESC mounting position and the rear of the Transmission mounting position reserved for 30.5mm * 30.5mm and 20mm * 20mm mounting holes, providing more options;
5.Standard with vibration damping silicone, which can reduce the pressure of vibration to the flight control to a greater extent, so as to achieve smooth flight.

Product Parameters:
Frame type: H type
Maximum supported props: 10inch
Dimension: 331mm*269mm
Weight: 238g
Bottom plate thickness: 3mm
Top plate thickness: 3mm
Arm thickness: 7.5mm
Camera mounting pitch: 19mm
Installation hole distance of the transmission: compatible with 30.5mm/20mm
Flight control installation hole distance: compatible with 30.5mm/20mm
Flight control: RF/KISS/F3/F4/F7

Shipping List:
Frame top plate (2mm) ×1
Frame bottom plate(3mm) ×1
Arm(7.5mm) ×4
Arm fixing plate(2mm) ×2
Frame carbon plate kit ×1
Mounting screw kit ×9
Mounting accessories kit ×1

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