Tarot landing gear/Carbon fiber shock absorbing landing gear/Metal reinforced/25 to 16mm/quick release TL8X028

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Product Description:
·Tarot's newest quick-release carbon fiber shock landing gear is set up with a push-button quick-release structure
·Quickly detachable and combinable tripod structure,very easy to carry the convenience
·Split metal tee assembly,longitudinal tube length 305mm,horizontal tube length 333mm
·Can meet most of the medium and large frame fixed use on the market
·Reinforced metal tee components ensure the stability of the drone when it hits the ground
·Four-point symmetrical hole fixing is adopted for the part of frame connecting parts
·Can be directly compatible with Tarot X8 series frame, other types of frames need to correspond to the drawing to install

In-depth expansion: If you have other specific functional needs and development, you can contact our company to communicate customization.

Product Specifications:
Quick release metal tripod structure/with longitudinal carbon fiber tube (Φ25*Φ23*305mm) ×1
Carbon fiber tube/horizontal(pre-installed metal tee)(Φ16*Φ14*333mm) ×1
Step large cap cup head screw(M3*8mm) ×2
Cup head screw(M3*10) ×2
Nut(M3) ×2
16mm rubber shock absorbing sleeve/red ×2

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