TAROT Martin Brushless Motor 12S/6009/130KV TL60M09

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Product Description:
·Tarot's Martin Series 6009/130KV Long Endurance Brushless Motor is designed and built for long endurance multirotors;
·Fully CNC machined,with a smooth,non-marking flat profile and excellent balance;
·The rotor is made of high magnetic material NdFeB;
·Stator with high strength epoxy resin pressurized and reinforced to protect against high temperatures;
·High flux outrunner motor with special balancing calibration;
·Improved the vibration problem caused by the poor balance of ordinary outboard motors;
·Motor shaft is made of high speed alloy steel;
·The upper and lower covers of the motor adopt large-size high-speed precision bearings, which have the advantages of low friction torque,low power loss,shock resistance,and strong radial support at instantaneous high speed;
·6009/130KV new generation of brushless motors have passed rigorous dynamic,static,magnetic field characteristics,high temperature resistance,demagnetization loss,motion vibration,noise,load performance and other engineering and technical proofs;
·Continuing to inherit the Tarot brushless motor:long life,high efficiency,low power consumption,low noise,stable control of the superior characteristics.

Product Parameters:
Support lithium battery section:12S
Props mounting diameter:12mm/15mm/18mm/20mm
Recommended props size: 21-24 inch
Motor peripheral diameter: 66.5mm
Stator Diameter:60mm
Thickness of stator end:9.0mm
Stator ends:18N
Motor poles:20P
Speed per Volt:130RPM/Volt
20V unloaded current:0.3Amps
Motor Length:26.0mm
Motor shaft length:27.4mm
Motor mounting hole distance:25mm
Motor Net Weight:185g

Product Specifications:

Martin 6009/130KV motor ×1

Props clamp ×1

Cup head screw(M3*8mm) ×4
Half-round head screw(M3*8mm) ×2

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