tarot Martin Brushless motor/12S/6009/130KV TL60P09

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Product Description:

The Martin series 6009/130KV long endurance brushless motor produced by Tarot is designed and built specifically for long endurance multi rotor aircraft. Fully CNC processed and produced, with a smooth and scratch free surface and excellent balance. The rotor is refined from high magnetic material neodymium iron boron, and the stator is reinforced with high-strength epoxy resin for pressure protection and high-temperature resistance. The high magnetic flux external rotor motor has undergone special balance correction to improve the vibration problem caused by poor balance of ordinary external rotor motors. The motor shaft is made of high-speed alloy steel. The upper and lower covers of the motor are equipped with large-sized high-speed precision bearings, which have the advantages of low friction torque, low power loss, impact resistance, and strong radial support during instantaneous high-speed. The 6009/130KV new generation brushless motor has passed strict engineering and technical verification, including dynamic, static, magnetic field characteristics, strong magnetic resistance, high temperature resistance, demagnetization loss, motion vibration, noise, and load performance. Continuing the superior characteristics of Tarot brushless motors, including long lifespan, high efficiency, low power consumption, low noise, and stable control.

Product parameters:

Supported lithium battery life: 12S

Paddle installation hole spacing: 12mm/15mm/18mm/20mm

Recommended rotor size: 21-24 inches

Motor peripheral diameter: 66.5mm

Stator diameter: 60mm

Thickness of stator end: 9.0mm

Number of stator terminals: 18N

Motor pole count: 20P

Speed per volt: 130RPM/Volt

20V no-load current: 0.3Amps

Motor length: 26.0mm

Motor shaft total length: 27.4mm

Motor mounting hole spacing: 25MM

Net weight of motor: 185g

Product specifications:

Martin 6009/130KV × one

Cup head screw (M3 * 8mm) × four

Half round head screw (M3 * 8mm) × two

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